View from the suite bungalow

  • Land: 2 hectares

  • Construction: 2000 m2
    or 21,467.8 square feet

  • 10 rooms and 9 bungalows

  • a ranch style reception office

  • a house with two bedrooms
    bathroom and kitchen

  • one big suite bungalow with
    fully equipped kitchen and tremendous view

  • restaurant

  • swimming pool & Jacuzzi

  • laundry

  • spacious parking area

  • one of the very few properties of the Peninsula registered with the title in the owner's name.

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Located in the famous Montezuma beach, in the south part of Nicoya Peninsula and surrounded by National Parks and Natural Reserves, the Hotel and Restaurant is a special opportunity to capture the tourism in this extraordinary ecological area. It is a beautiful ensemble fully integrated into the exuberant natural surroundings with its tasteful design and decoration.

This Hotel offers the tourist the possibility to enjoy one of the most exotic environments of Costa Rica: the Cabo Blanco National Park, known for its outstanding nature sights, the white sand beaches, the beautiful waterfall of Montezuma, the primary and secondary forest and a great variety of wildlife which includes three-toed sloths, squirrels, monkeys and birds such as the White Ibis, the Green Kingfisher and the Brown Pelican.

The property of Los Mangos is the largest piece of land in Montezuma, with the capacity to build 25 to 35 more bungalows.The owner would have the advantage of the touristic market in Montezuma because there is no more land available for such a project in the entire area. All the other seven hotels in Montezuma are very small (10 rooms maximum).

Los Mangos offers the valuable chance to monopolise the hotel business in Montezuma.