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Visitors in our garden at Los Mangos

Morning Yoga Class at Los Mangos

The Yoga Pavillion at Hotel Los Mangos

Turtles and dolphins are often seen in the area.

Playa Carmen, best beach for beginners surfers in Santa Teresa, only 30 minutes from Los Mangos

Tango Mar beach.

Piedra Colorada Waterfall

"Natsu" is the best option in town for sushi and japanese style dishes.

Bungalow at Los Mangos.

Montezuma Beach

Los Mangs hosts Yoga retreats since 2002 being the first Yoga Hotel in Montezuma.

Sunset in Santa Teresa

Baby porcupine, close to the bungalows in our garden..

Pool Area and garden at Los Mangos Hotel

Pelicans at Montezuma beach.

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